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Fancy yourself as a figure skater? Well the good news is that you can have figure skating lessons regardless of age or ability, and you never know – maybe you will discover a talent previously unknown!

There are many different disciplines of figure skating that you can take up once you have learned the basics – Free Skating, Ice Dance, Pair Skating, and Synchronised Skating – so you are spoiled for choice.

During your figure skating lessons we will work our way through the beginner grades 1 to 10 and then Bronze, Silver and Gold. These grades start with basic forward, stopping and backwards skating then progress to the more complicated movements such as crossovers and turning on one foot. And before you know it you will be learning to spin, spiral and jump!

By the time you have reached your beginner Bronze level, you will have a pretty good idea as to what kind of discipline you would like to focus on and indeed whether or not your Figure Skating is something you’d like to take to a competitive level, or simply keep as a hobby.

Regardless of your choice, there is so much you can do with your skating should you wish to – so the sky really is the limit!

For more information or to book figure skating lessons, please click here.

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